Northern Maine Pagan Pride Day

Sept. 7, 2013

   Aug 16

Hello World!

Welcome to the page for the very first Northern Maine Pagan Pride Day!  We are so excited to be able to host this event and hope to bring a little education to the area, and promote some understanding and tolerance. It is also our hope to bring people together in unity as one big Pagan community.

The first Northen Maine Pagan Pride Day will be held at Collins Pond Park on Grove st in Caribou ME on Sept. 7, 2013, from 12:00 -5:00pm. We will have a meet and greet to get and know each other followed by several workshops. Learn to make your own Protective besom, or learn how to do Water Scrying. Arts and Crafts for the kiddies, and a playground nearby. After Harvest Ritual we will power up the grills and have some delicious food. So bring your coolers, food, and drinks, and be prepared to have a fantastic day!